Prima Single Monitor Arm

  • Prima Single Monitor Arm 6PS

    The Prima Single Monitor Arm is an affordable ergonomic support that can raise your computer screen to your desired height.

    Designed for durability and toughness, the Prima single arm can hold computer screens weighing up to 10 kg.



    Prima Single Monitor Arm.

    Say goodbye to muscle aches and pains with the use of a monitor arm. Spending hours looking down at your screen is sure to leave you with feelings of discomfort. But, by raising the screen to eye-level you can instantly ease neck tension and improve productivity.

    The Prima is simple to install, the pole is easily mounted to any desk with a screw-on clamp.

    You will also enjoy more desk space and a cleaner workstation with the use of the Prima Single Monitor Arm.


    • Suitable for any office setting
    • Durable
    • Easy to mount clamp
    • 360-degree rotation at three joints

    Price listed is for the dual monitor arm, as pictured, with a Desk Clamp Mount, 460 mm Pole, 1 x VESA Brackets and 1 x 215 mm extension arms.




    Mounting Bracket VESA 75 mm/100 mm
    Screen Size Supported 14' (36 cm) to 30' (76 cm)
    Max Screen Weight per Arm 10 kg
    Pole Height
    • 460 mm (Standard)


    10 Years

    Standard Components

    1 x 460 mm pole
    1 x G-clamp desk mount
    1 x extension arms
    1 x VESA mounting brackets and tilters
    1 x Single arm pole connector
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