Power Cube with USB

  • Power Cube with USB DE8

    The Powercube with USB is an innovative design that gives you access to 4 standard power outlets and 2 USB ports at once.

    The cube has been designed to accommodate a range of different shapes and sizes of cords that are now used in today's tech environment.


    Power Cube with USB

    Years ago, a power board would meet our power requirements. For typical office use, we would really only need to power our computer. These days, we need to have access to power for smartphones, tablets, laptops - the list goes on.

    The Powercube delivers convenience for all your devices in one streamlined design. Power cords that are designed horizontally can often take up extra space on a powerboard, with the Power Cube you can change the positions to suit the design of all your cords.

    The Power Cube with USB can be mounted on top or underneath any desk.



    • Compact design
    • 4 power outlets
    • 2 USB ports
    • 1.5m cable
    • Can be mounted underneath the desk



    Dimensions 640 mm wide x 640 mm high
    # of Power Outlets 4
    USB Ports 2


    White with blue


    30 Days

    $49.95 (inc GST)