Posture Balance Flexi Low Back Chair

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    The Australian Made Flexi Low Back Chair from Posture Balance has  an adaptive, elastic back support system that self adjusts to the movements of the user. 

    Once the height and seat length are correct the Flexi moves with the user to provide support at all times. The Flexi is available with or without arms and  with the option of 3 sizes of the M3 seat.

    Posture Balance Flexi Low Back Chair

    The lowest back in the Flexi range with the unique self adjusting elastic back support system. Simply sit in the chair and the support finds you. 

    Like all Posture Balance chairs In the Flexi range, the Low Back is available in 3 sizes of the M3 (foam) seat, and comes standard with a seat slide to make it universally suitable for tall users.

    Australian made for Australian conditions.


    • Low back style
    • Pre-adjusted back support system.
    • 3 Lever mechanism
    • Seat slider standard
    • M3 Seat 
    • Available in 3 seat sizes
    • 5 Star nylon base
    • 130kg weight capacity


    Flexi Low Back Chair Data Sheet


    Seat Size: Small 480 mm wide x 440 mm deep.
    Seat Size: Medium 500 mm wide x 460 mm deep
    Seat Size: Large 520 mm wide x 480 mm deep
    Seat Slide Standard - Approx 50 mm adjustment
    Mechanism 3 Lever
    Back Size 510 high x 400 mm wide
    Base 5 Star nylon
    Arms Optional
    Weight Rating 130 kg


    • Black
    • Other colours available on inquiry (pricing may alter)


    7 Years - 8 Hours per day 5 days per week

    From $930.00 (inc GST)

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