Multi Function LED Desk Lamp

  • Multi Function LED Desk Lamp DLMF

    Our most popular desk lamp and a perfect lighting solution for the office workstation, bedroom or living room. An extremely energy efficient LED lamp runs much cooler than conventional desk lamps.

    Multi Function LED Desk Lamp

    Features a flexible arm with three connection points for movement.

    A dimmer switch built into the arm to adjust the brightness from 10% to 100%. Four modes of operation: working mode, reading mode, coffee mode and sleeping mode.

    Built-in ionizer to help reduce eye strain when working or studying and has a USB port (5V 850mA) for charging devices.

    LED lamps also offer the best lighting efficiency available today, saving you on your power bills from the outset (up to 80% power savings compared to incandescent lamps), plus the expected life span of the LED globe is approximately 10-15 years, making it a reliable choice for a long time to come.


    • The colour temperature can be adjusted from warm to cool white, to suit the task at hand
    • There are four modes to choose from: working, reading, coffee and sleeping.
    • The brightness can also be adjusted from 100% down to 10% to give you the perfect working environment
    • The lamp features the convenience of a USB charging port (5V 850mA)
    • This lamp offers up to 2000 lux at 30cm range - perfect for those highly detailed tasks when you need it


    Lighting Source 28 LED
    Luminous 2000 Lux at 30cm
    Switch Progressive Dimming Touch Switch
    Input DC 24V 750mA
    USB Output 5V 850mA
    Weight 1.8 kg


    3 Years



    $175.00 (inc GST)