Microsoft Sculpt Desktop Keyboard, Numeric Keypad & Mouse Combo - Cordless

  • Microsoft Sculpt Desktop Keyboard, Numeric Keypad & Mouse Combo - Cordless 11MSSCPT

    Microsoft has delivered an exceptional ergonomic keyboard and mouse combination that is designed to provide enhanced comfort and support during your work day.

    The moveable numeric keypad allows you to bring your mouse closer to your keypad. If you don’t find yourself using the side number panel at all you can remove it completely or place it on the left side of your keyboard.

    Microsoft Sculpt Desktop Keyboard, Numeric Keypad  & Mouse Combo - Cordless

    The Microsoft Sculpt uses a split keyboard layout that helps keep the wrists and forearms in a natural position, while also using a padded palm rest to provide you with additional wrist support. This innovative design is made to make your comfort the number one priority. The longer you feel comfortable, the longer you deliver productive results.

    The keyboard uses reverse tilt angles that help encourage a straight, neutral wrist position.



    • Cushioned palm support
    • Split key design
    • Natural arc
    • Domed keyboard design
    • Separate number pad
    • AES 128-bit encryption


    Keyboard Dimensions 392mm wide x 228mm deep
    Mouse Dimensions 98.2mm wide x 74.9mm deep
    Numeric Keypad Dimensions 132mm wide x 92.8mm deep
    Connectivity Cordless




    12 Months

    $190.00 (inc GST)
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