MB Narrow Keyboard Wrist Rest

  • MB Narrow Keyboard Wrist Rest 61KWR-MB

    The MB Narrow Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest is designed narrower than other keyboard wrist rests to neatly suit low profile keyboards.

    A durable Lycra cover over a comfortable gel cushion.


    MB Narrow Keyboard Wrist Rest

    Support your wrists when typing and reduce the stress injury such as  Carpal Tunnel syndrome.The narrower profile allows the user to bring the keyboard closer to the wrist rest if needed and the lower profile does not produce such a profound lift as with other alternatives.  The Gel supports mould to the shape of your wrist and leaves your hands in a natural resting position.

    The support can be used with any full sized or compact keyboard.


    • Gel material provides soft cushion support
    • Can be used with any full sized or compact keyboard
    • Lycra cover
    • Narrow and low profile




    •  470 mm long x 60 mm wide.
    • 15 mm 
    • 350 gm
    • Gel Cushion
    • Lycra cover


    • Blue
    From $25.00 (inc GST)