Kensington Super Thin Mouse Pad

  • Kensington Super Thin Mouse Pad 60KS

    The Kensington Super Thin Mouse Pad allows for the smooth operation of any mouse and delivers detailed tracking.

    This is a great mouse pad for designers who require precision with their work. An ultra-thin mouse pad for superior tracking with less obstruction on the desk

    Kensington Super Thin Mouse Pad 

    This super thin mouse pad is just 1 mm thick, allowing your work to achieve unrivalled accuracy.

    The anti-slip base gives you the freedom to work from just about any work surface. A mouse pad can make all the difference when operating a computer.

    If you’ve ever used a computer without one, you’re aware of how the desk can make your mouse movements lag. Make sure you are working to the best of your abilities with this ultra-thin affordable mouse pad.


    • Super thin design
    • Advanced traction surface
    • Superior tracking control for pin-point accuracy
    • Anti-skid base for grip on the desktop


    Shape Kidney
    Dimensions 212 mm wide x 170 mm deep.



    $8.25 (inc GST)