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The need to sit reclined

There are 3 main problems associated with extended periods of sitting, based on scientific evidence and research:

1) The effect of back inclination on pressures on the lumbar spine.

2) The effect of lumbar support on the pressures on the lumbar spine.

3) The effect of seat pressure and its association with back inlcination and lumbar support.


Ergonomists and other healthcare professionals acknowledge that the following 3 key elements prevent and relieve back pain

1) A total contact back support system.

Inside each Therapod chair is an adjustable strapping system that maintains full support of the back, regardless of the seated position.

The uppermost strap provides support to the thoracic region.
The central straps give optimized lumbar support and the lower strap supports the sacrum.
The Therapod back ‘shell’ has been profiled to follow the back shape of the user, cradling them in a protective manner. The Therapod ‘shell’ is highly dynamic, which means that - as the user moves back and forth throughout their working environment, the Therapod chair moves with them and provides 100% support – not resistance.

Therapod Chair

2) A seat which allows good pressure distribution.

Visco elastic foam was originally developed by NASA as a solution for ensuring that bodyweight and temperature were evenly distributed throughout the seats of their astronauts. Since that time, this advanced foam has been widely used throughout the healthcare industry as a pressure-care solution in bedding, wheelchair cushions etc.

Therapod's VTEQ seat cushions now use this amazing gel-like foam, providing 100% support as the seat draws heat away from the user, and softens / moulds itself to the precise shape of the person in the chair. The even distribution of pressure throughout the surface of the seat, significantly reduces the level of pressure which normally resides directly under the ischial tuberosities or the ‘sitting bones’ as they are referred to.

By removing pressure from beneath them, we also minimize the cause of circulatory problems, pressure sores and back pain.

Therapod Chair Seat

Therapod Chair Graph

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3) A mechanism which facilitates correct positioning; ideally one which is slightly reclined. Therapod chairs all ship standard with high quality synchronised mechanisms. Synchro mechanisms provide free flowing movement from a reclined to upright position. They differ from a standard tilting mechanism in that the back and seat move at roughly a 2:1 ratio. Without this ratio in place you would simply be sitting in a rocking chair ie: a fixed "L" shaped position that raises your feet off the floor any time you recline. Synchro chair mechanisms are sometimes referred to as "follow me" actions because the user does not need to think about re-positioning the mechanism in almost any posture.

Therapod Chair How to Sit

A combination of these three factors has made Therapod a complete seating solution.