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The history of dual density seat foam

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The first Gregory chair was developed in Australia in 1987 by physiotherapist and company founder Peter Gregory. Confronted with the consequences of poor seating on Australian office workers, Peter set out to address the largest cause of occupational back pain, the office chair. Combining his knowledge o f the anatomical reasons for back pain and his studies of seating posture, culminated in the development of the original award winning Dual Density Posture Suppor system.

The unique Dual Density Posture Support System is recognised by ergonomists and occupational health and medical professionals as providing the best solution for improved office efficiency and productivity.

The majority of Australia’s top 100 companies now use Gregory either as their primary office chair or an aid for staff with back or work related injuries.


The advantages of dual density seat foam

Ergolink Gregory Chairs Perth
  1. Dual Density Posture Support System ensures that your body is maintained in the optimum support position throughout the day, enhances your performance and well-being. Softer foam at the back of the seat supports the pelvis in the correct position.
  2. Firmer foam at the front of the seat discourages user from sliding forward.
  3. Moulded seat design encourages the user to sit with legs slightly apart thus creating a wider base of support. The 'waterfall' edge improves blood circulation behind the thighs.
  4. Pronounced lumbar support for maximum spinal comfort, full lumbar height adjustment.
  5. Full ergonomic adjustment ensures maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. Controls adjust seat height, back angle, free float and synchro action.
  6. Height adjustable arms to suit varying work needs to permit close work at a desk.


How it works If we sit for 10 minutes or more, the muscles in our lower back get tired and we slide forward in our seats. As the pelvis moves forward our backs curve into the "C" curve of poor posture, which leads to reduced mental focus and ultimately can affect our health. Poor posture leads to back pain, headache, restricted blood circulation and muscular tension. The only way to prevent such problems is to keep the hips in alignment with the shoulders and ears. This means keeping the pelvis at the back of the chair, maintaining the spine in a gentle "S" curve. Only Gregory chairs succeed in maintaining our bodies in this natural position.


Ergolink Gregory Chair position one Ergolink Gregory Chair position one Ergolink Gregory Chair position one   Ergolink Gregory Chair position one