Humanscale Quickstand Free Sit Stand

  • Humanscale Quickstand Free Sit Stand HSQSLPFR

    The Humanscale Quickstand Free Sit Stand embodies a clean aesthetic that keeps all cables neatly stored inside the chassis.

    Advanced counterbalance technology eliminates any shaking as you type which makes for a pleasant, controlled work experience.


    Humanscale Quickstand Free Sit Stand - Standing Desk Converter

    This stylish standing desk converter allows the monitor and keyboard to move together as you raise and lower your workstation.

    The Humanscale Quickstand Free Sit Stand is similar to other Humanscale products in our catalogue, the key difference being that instead of a clamp attaching to an existing desk, the Free Sit Stand is controlled by a weighted base plate. The base plate allows for increased workstation transformation as the operator can move effortlessly without the constraints of a clamp attachment.

    If you collaborate on projects or work in a fast paced environment, being tied to one location can sometimes be a hindrance. The base plate allows you to change your place of work with no effort. Simply lift and move.


    • Fits on your existing desk
    • Integrated cable management
    • Adjustable keyboard height
    • Dual monitor compatibility
    • Base plate attachment allows placement on any solid work surface
    • Modern, clean design


    Integrated Cable Management Yes
    USB Outlets 2
    Platform Dimensions 712 mm wide x 432 mm deep
    Platform Height Adjustment 460 mm
    Monitor Height Adjustment 127 mm
    Suits Desk Depth 600 mm to 900 mm
    VESA Yes


    • White
    • Black


    • 5 Years
    From $1,099.00 (inc GST)

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