Humanscale Neatlinks Cable Managment Tray

  • Humanscale Neatlinks Cable Managment Tray 58HSNL

    Keeps the cables under your desk neat and organised. Avoids tangles and trip hazards.

    Humanscale Neatlinks Cable Management Tray

    Keep the cables under your desk out of the way, free from tangles and a tripping hazard.

    Easy to attach to the underside of the desk or a wall with with a combination of both self-adhesive tape and screws, The curved channel design holds the cables and power boards securely with easy access when needed. 


    • Easy installation with either double -sided tape or 2 screws
    • Supports up to 3.6 kg
    • Finger friendly edges
    • Textured surface hides fingerprints
    • Sleek, unobtrusive deign.
    • Fire-retardant



    • 17' - 430 mm long or
    • 24" - 61 mm long
    Diameter 91 mm
    • Double sided tape
    • Screws
    Weight Capacity 3.6 kg


    • 3 Years

    Colour options

    • Black
    • Grey


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