Handshoe Mouse - Left Hand

  • Handshoe Mouse - Left Hand 106HSL

    The HandShoe Mouse has been developed to provide advanced comfort support for the left handed user during long periods of computer operations.

    Ergonomic mice are a great addition to any office setting as if can help prevent your wrist from rotating to an unnatural position.


    Hand Shoe Mouse - Left Hand

    Run out model - limited options and stock

    Using the HandShoe Mouse helps to alleviate any pressures or pains that occur from using a regular mouse. The ergonomic design allows your hand to remain in a comfortable position.

    The mouse is suitable for almost any hand size.

    The HandShoe has a moulded support that allows your thumb to rest where it naturally falls.

    The Handshoe Mouse operates on both Windows and Mac computers.



    • Ergonomic wheel
    • Scroll wheel
    • Thumb support
    • Universal USB connection
    • Optical drive


    Size Options - Hand Measurements

    Small Hand measures from: 155 mm – 175 mm
    Medium Hand measures from: 175 mm – 195 mm
    Large Hand measures from: 195 mm – 215 mm


    Left hand only.

    Connectivity (2 Options available)
    • Corded: USB Cable
    • Cordless (Wireless)

    2 plus scroll wheel for Small & Medium

    3 plus Scroll wheel for large

    Resolution 1500 dpi




    12 Months

    $210.00 (inc GST)
    Run Out Model - Limited options and stock

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