Handshoe Mouse - Left Hand

  • Handshoe Mouse - Left Hand 106HSL

    The left hand version of the Hand Shoe Mouse

    The shape of traditional computer mice forces users hands and fingers into an unnatural position and stresses the forearm.

    The unique shape of the Hand Shoe Mouse allows for users hands to rest without any effort and delivers full support for the hand and fingers, while relaxing the forearm. The design of the HandShoe mouse also reduces the effort required by the fingers to use the mouse buttons, which minimises stain from the fingers up to the neck.

    Hand Shoe Mouse - Left Hand

    The patented shape of the Hand Shoe Mouse provides optimal support for the left hand.

    The support for the fingers is a curved surface which follows the same shape fingers take when is a relaxed position. Taking into consideration the anatomical shape of the human hand, the thumb support lies at a lower level relative to the finger support.

    The shape continues, to provide palm support. This deigned support for the fingers, thumb and palm allow the hand to rest on the HandShoe Mouse at the ideal angle range of 25 – 30 degrees. This positioning prevents pinching, gripping and hovering by the hand and ensures that the forearm is completely relaxed.



    • Corded only
    • Left hand
    • 25 - 30 degree angle


    Size Options - Hand Measurements

    Small Hand measures from: 155 mm – 175 mm
    Medium Hand measures from: 175 mm – 195 mm
    Large Hand measures from: 195 mm – 215 mm


    Left hand only.

    • Corded: USB Cable

    2 plus scroll wheel for Small & Medium

    3 plus Scroll wheel for large

    Resolution 1500 dpi




    12 Months

    $185.00 (inc GST)

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