Gregory Inca Medium Back Drafting Chair

  • Gregory Inca Medium Back Drafting Chair TIN-MM-Drafting

    The best all round drafting chair on the market. Standard with a famous Gregory's dual desnity seat (medium), medium back, drafting height gas lift and chrome foot ring. 


    Gregory Inca - Medium Back Drafting Chair

    The perfect drafting height chair, ideal for any laboratory or hight bench workspace.

    The dual density foam technology permits healthy body movement and allows for sustained office use over long periods of time. The seat prevents your pelvis from drifting forward which helps your spine maintain a “S” curve which is desirable for a strong lumbar.

    The 3 lever seat and back tilt will allow you to change to a variety of positions throughout your work day so your comfort is never jeopardised.

    The weight capacity is for the Gregory Inca Medium is 110kg.Standard with a round medium back, drafting height gas lift and chrome foot ring.

    Find a colour that is best suited to your office environment. We have a variety of options to choose from - black, grey, and navy and 29 others

    You can choose oval height adjustable arms or no arms attached.


    • Medium seat size 
    • Round style medium back
    • 3 - lever mechanism for different height
    • Dual density seat technology for maximum comfort
    • Moulded Polypropylene outer back that assists a healthy spine
    • Drafting height gas lift
    • Chrome foot ring



    Gregory Inca Brochure

    Colour Options

    Old Gregory Code: AA1200CA


    • AFRDI Level 6
    • GECA
    Seat Size
    • Medium: 480 mm wide x 495 mm deep
    Gas Lift Height 
    • 265 mm
    Back Width
    • 415 mm wide
    Weight Capacity
    • 110 kg



    10 years

    $590.00 (inc GST)