Goldtouch Wrist Rests

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    Goldtouch Wrist Rests are the perfect addition to any office! The wrist supports are filled with gel Lycra and can be easily positioned to suit the user's comfort needs.

    Goldtouch Wrist Rests

    Computer keyboards were not designed to provide comfort. They cause our hands to face inwards and keeps our wrists raised at an unnatural position.

    Combine this with the fact that we’re spending more and more time at our computers and we have a recipe for disaster.

    Goldtouch Wrist Rests will protect your wrists from injury and increase your comfort levels during extended computer use.


    • Aligns wrists
    • Gel materials provide excellent support
    • Stylish and comfortable


    Dimensions 178 mm long x 70 mm wide.
    Height 19 mm 
    Units per pack 2
    Weight Per rest 180 gm



    $52.45 (inc GST)