Ezee Copy Document Holder

  • Ezee Copy Document Holder 46KPM

    The Ezee Copy Document Holder has been designed for every-day office use.

    The device keeps documents at a raised height and angle that is most comfortable for the user.

    Ezee Copy  Document Holder

    The Ezee Copy Document Holder has been built from tough metal materials and can hold documents weighing up to 6 kg.

    The device has an angle adjustment of 90 degrees and can be adjusted up to 20 cm in height.

    This is a ergonomic device that can help get rid of neck pain that occurs from staring down at your desk for too long.


    • Durable
    • 6 kg weight limit
    • Metal construction
    • 90 degree adjustment
    • 20 cm height adjustment


    Pallet Size

    390 mm wide x 300 mm deep

    Footprint  390 mm wide x 195 mm deep
    Angle Adjustment 0 to 90 degrees
    Height Adjustments 100 mm to 300 mm


    12 Months

    $145.00 (inc GST)