Executive CPU Holder

  • Executive CPU Holder 103B

    The Executive CPU holder is designed to keep your computer off the floor and firmly secured under your desk.

    This is a great addition for anyone using a height adjustable desk as your computer does not remain fixed to the floor.


    Executive CPU Holder

    A CPU holder can provide many benefits to your work environment. A holder lets your computer travel up and down if you are working with a height adjustable desk. Without a CPU holder, computer cables can be placed under stress when the desk raises or lowers. The last thing you want is your computer screen unplugging the next time you want to work in a standing position.

    A CPU holder also provides extra support to your back and spine. It raises the computer off the floor and makes it easier to reach when you need to access the back to plug in a USB or monitor cord.



    • Suits desk over 15mm thickness
    • Solid and durable design


    Width Adjustability  from 70 mm to 230 mm
    Height Adjustability  From 330 mm to 530 mm
    Construction Metal




    12 months

    $85.95 (inc GST)