Evoluent C Series Vertical Mouse - Right Hand

  • Evoluent C Series Vertical Mouse - Right Hand 53ERC

    The Evoluent C Series Vertical mouse has been developed to reduce muscle tension and bring maximum comfort to your workday.

    It won’t take long for you to feel the effects of this ergonomic design. This mouse is perfect for all sorts of computer use that require extended periods of operation.


    Evoluent C Series Vertical Mouse - Right Hand

    Enjoy a comfortable grip for hours on end. The Evoluent C Series comes with a large bottom lip that guarantees your finger never drags along the top of the table.

    Every aspect of this mouse has been perfectly designed to limit un-natural hand movement.

    The adjustable pointer speed wheel is located at the ideal position for your index finger, creating an effortless user experience.

    The Evoluent C Series is compatible with Windows and Mac.



    • Comfortable easy to use grip
    • Adjustable optical sensor
    • Pointed speed indicators
    • Lighted Evoluent logo
    • Powerful Driver
    • Mac and Windows compatible
    • Right-hand use


    Evoluent C Series Brochure


    • 90 mm wide x 119 mm deep
    • 80 mm
    • 5
    Cursor Speed
    • Extra low, low medium & high
    • PC & Mac (Limited functionality - see Mac compatibility below)
    • Plug & play
    • Additional functionality available through the Evoluent Mouse Manager Software
    Operating System
    •  Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, OS X 10.5
    • Mac (Limited functionality - see Mac compatibility below)



    Compatibility (from Evoluent)

    Apple Mac® OS X 10.5 to 10.14

    ? Includes Mac driver for configuring the buttons. The driver is optional but highly recommended. VerticalMouse still has basic functionality without the driver. Some functions of the Windows driver are not available in the Mac driver.

    Apple Mac® OS X 10.15 and newer 

    ? Due to recent Mac OS update, our driver must be updated to maintain compatibility. We need a driver development kit from Apple but they have not replied to our request even after repeated emails. Therefore our driver development is unable to proceed. We apologize for the delay and will continue to contact Apple for the resource. Alternatively, the third party software USB Overdrive www.usboverdrive.com may be used to program the buttons on VerticalMouse. (Evoluent and Egrolink are not affiliated with USB Overdrive and down loading and use of third party software is the sole risk of the user.)


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