Ergotron Learnfit SE Sit Stand Cart Medium

  • Ergotron Learnfit SE Sit Stand Cart Medium CELFSEMG

    The Ergotron Learnfit SE Sit Stand Cart Medium is an entry level cart from Ergotron. The cart has been developed for teachers and students to use in classrooms.

    The Learnfit is a lightweight, portable device that is great for working across different work settings.


    LearnFit SE® Sit Stand Cart - Medium

    No one likes sitting down in a classroom for eight hours a day! With the Learnfit SE Sit Stand Cart you can take your work on-the-go and remain active throughout the day.

    The slim, lightweight design makes it possible to transport the cart throughout different classrooms.

    The device also comes with a tablet holder and a water bottle to keep your belongings organised while working.


    • 1 lever adjustment
    • Designed for use with chairs
    • One size fits all
    • 41cm height adjustment
    • 6.8kg weight capacity
    • Lockable front wheels
    • Safe and secure





    Height Range 736 mm to 1143 mm
    Work Platform Dimensions 610 mm wide x 522 mm deep
    Width of wheels (apart) 545 mm
    Weight Capacity 6.8 kg
    Accessory Options Storage Bins (part # 97-926-064)


    10 years 


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    $700.00 (inc GST)