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Wired Mouse

Our range of wired ergonomic mice have been designed to help alleviate muscle pain. They are ideal for people who use their computer for hours at a time.

An ergonomic wired mouse helps to stop any finger contortions by encouraging your hand to remain in a healthy, neutral position. Your productivity levels will soar as you are capable of remaining comfortable for hours on end.

A huge advantage to using a corded mouse over a wireless mouse is that you will never have to worry about charging it. Wired mice are recommended if your work duties are usually located at a fixed position throughout the day. Most USB mice are compatible on Mac and Windows computers. It's important to read the product description to make sure your mouse is compatible with your operating system.

At Ergolink, we stock right-handed, left-handed and ambidextrous mice, which gives you a variety of options that would suit you best from an ergonomic standpoint. If you wish to try our wired mice before buying, visit our Perth showroom and speak to one of our trusted experts. Or, shop online - we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

Wired Mouse FAQs

Is a wired mouse better than a wireless one?

In some situations, a wired mouse is a better fit particularly for people who demand fast response and accuracy. This is especially true in most gaming circles where the reliability and response times of a corded mouse is a very important consideration. In some cases, wired mice have features that haven’t made it to wireless mice, either because of physical constraints or difficulty in implementing the technology.

What are the benefits of a wired mouse?


With a wired mouse, connecting with your computer is very quick and simple because of their plug and play nature. Most wired mice plug into a USB port so most computers will be able to accommodate the connection, and even those that do not have native integration will most probably have dongles and adaptors that will expand the available ports. In addition, wired mice do not require batteries or a separate wireless receiver making them a great choice for people who need a no-fuss, practical mouse.

Response times

Even though the best dedicated wired and wireless gaming mice can have similar speeds, the mass-market consumer models from popular brands tend to favour wired mice when it comes to input lag and responsiveness. Moreover, because wired mice have a direct cable connection, the signal is less prone to disruptions compared with Bluetooth-enabled wireless mice.


For some people, the weight of the mouse is vital because it can create fatigue with long-term use. Since wired mice do not have a battery, they are significantly lighter than their wireless counterparts. Some high end models are so light that the weight is almost negligible even with prolonged use.


Although the price of a wireless mouse is often higher than its wired counterpart, the price difference has started to narrow as the technology starts to become more affordable. However, for high-spec gaming mice and specialised ergonomic mice, the wired versions are still considerably cheaper when you look at comparable products.

Does a standard wired mouse need batteries or charging?

A wired mouse plugs directly into a computer port and in most cases a USB port, which means that there is no need for external batteries or charging. The device obtains power directly from your host device, with the cord also allowing for input signals to pass through uninterrupted.

Can I buy a wired mouse with detachable cables?

Yes! Although they are not common, a number of manufacturers are selling wired mice where you can swap out the cords. This is useful especially for people who may need longer than normal cords. Do note that these mice are more wireless than wired because they often have in-built batteries, with the option to connect the mouse via a cord in case the batteries are low on charge.

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