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Ergonomic Mouse & Computer Mice

An ergonomic mouse can reduce muscle cramping and soreness by offering a variation of hand positions - ideal for people who use a computer mouse for prolonged periods. The right ergonomic mouse can be helpful for people who are rehabilitating an injury. Traditional mice can have poor ergonomics, causing your wrist to move and rotate in an unnatural position as you move the cursor which, in the long term, could cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI) to your wrists and other joints. Ergonomic mice are often used to reduce carpal tunnel symptoms and help people work better.

How to buy the right ergonomic mouse

Choose your ergonomic mouse from our huge range (below) and consider other controllers e.g. an ergonomic trackball, a vertical mouse, the contour roller mouse or the Handshoe ergonomic mouse. An ergonomic mouse allows for greater freedom for the user - you can choose from left and right handed options. Choose how you want to connect the mouse to your computer between wired and wireless bluetooth mice. Cord, no cord, Windows, Mac, there are many choices!

Choose from popular ergonomic mouse brands like Evoluent, Logitech, Humanscale and more

We recommend the Humanscale Switch ergonomic mouse which uses a four-way scrolling dish and provides exceptional comfort. The Logitech MX is a popular ergonomic mouse and Evoluent’s vertical ergonomic mouse range are our best selling mice.

Choose an ergonomic mouse online or try our ergonomic mice options in person

If you want to try an ergonomic mouse for yourself, come in to our Perth showroom and speak to one of our experts to find the best ergonomic mouse for your needs. Or, shop online - we deliver anywhere in Australia!

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