Elevar Document Holder with Desk Clamp

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    Elevar Document Holder with Desk Clamp 62ELDHDC

    Unclutter your desk and place your documents next to you monitor for easy viewing when typing. Attaches to the back of the desk with a desk clamp.

    Elevar Document Holder with Desk Clamp

    The Elevar Document Holder conveniently holds documents securely in the most ergonomic position for easy viewing when working on your computer. 

    The desk clamp attaches the unit to the rear of the desk to provide a secure fixing while uncluttering your desk. The flexible "Goose Neck" arm can easy and effortlessly position the document where you need it unlike traditional document and copy holders.

    A large easle can hold two A4 sheets ot one A3 and a 30 mm lip at the bottom an two securing clips holds document firmly.


    • Holds up to A3 sheets
    • 2 document securing clips
    • Desk Clamp
    • Adjustable goose neck


    Construction Plastic / metal
    Arm Adjustable goose neck
    • Desk clamp
    • Min 5mm desk to max 55 mm desktop
    Easel Size 300 mm wide x 225 mm high
    Easel Lip 30 mm
    Document Security Clips Two
    Weight 800 gm 


    • 1 Year
    $110.00 (inc GST)