DXT Vertical Mouse- Ambidexterous

  • DXT Vertical Mouse- Ambidexterous 53DXTC

    An ergonomic and ambidextrous vertical mouse that distributes work throughout the fingers, hand, wrist forearm and shoulder.

    DXT Vertical Mouse - Ambidextrous

    The DXT Vertical Mouse enables the hand to work from a relaxed position reducing the tension in the hand, wrist and forearm. 

    The DXT is a great option for anyone requiring a vertical mouse that can be used in both hands to reduce workload, or for anyone requiring the benefits of the vertical posture without reducing mousing accuracy.


    • Promotes a relaxed position, reducing tension and twisting of the forearm
    • Compact design with a small footprint that is suitable for large and small hands
    • The precision grip design, where the index finger and thumb work closely together, allows for precise cursor movement
    • 2 buttons and scroll wheel
    • Ambidextrous design is suitable for right or left hand users or switching throughout the day
    • Simple one button push to switch from left to right hand and back


    Pointer Speed 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 dpi
    Connection USB Cable
    Cable Length  1.75 m
    Dimensions 56 mm long x 45 mm wide
    Height  81 mm
    Weight 84 gm


    Black body with silver buttons


    12 Months

    $149.95 (inc GST)