Cherry Numeric Keypad - Corded

  • Cherry Numeric Keypad - Corded 22CNBL

    Short Description:

    The Cherry Numeric Keypad (Corded) is the perfect addition when using a compact keyboard.

    People who require a number pad sparingly for work duties are recommended to use a compact keyboard and keypad to save valuable desk space.

    Cherry Numeric Keypad - Corded

    Long Description:

    The Cherry Numeric Keypad comes complete with a 21-key numeric layout and can be used by left-handed or right-handed users.

    This device lets you user-define the keys and is capable of having 24 characters per key.

    When you aren’t using the numeric keypad you can quickly remove from your keyboard. This lets you work closer to your computer and lowers the chance of any strains that can occur from regular computer use.


    • 21-key numeric layout
    • Compact
    • Suitable for left-handed and right-handed users
    • All keys can be user-defined with 24 characters per key
    • 4 additional user-programmable function keys that can be labelled individually


    Cherry Numeric Keypad Data Sheet


    Keyboard Dimensions 90 mm wide x 132 mm deep
    Height 36 mm
    Cable Length 1.75m
    Weight 260 gm
    Connectivity Corded
    Actuation Characteristics Soft contact




    12 Months

    $115.95 (inc GST)