Cherry Numeric Keypad - Corded

  • Cherry Numeric Keypad - Corded 22CNBL

    The Cherry Numeric Keypad is a great device that pairs perfectly with a compact keyboard.

    If you only find yourself using a number pad a handful of times during your work week, a number pad is recommended. Without a permanent number pad, your hand can wrest closer to your keyboard in a comfortable position.


    Cherry Numeric Keypad - Corded

    The Cherry Numeric Keypad is designed with a 21-key  numeric layout. This ergonomic device is versatile and can be used by both left-handed and right-handed users.

    You can really streamline your tasks with this keypad. The Cherry keypad can be user-defined and lets you assign 24 characters per key.


    • 21-key numeric layout
    • Compact
    • Left-handed and right-handed users
    • 24 characters per key
    • 4 additional user-programmable function keys


    Cherry Numeric Keypad Data Sheet


    Keyboard Dimensions 90 mm wide x 132 mm deep
    Height 36 mm
    Cable Length 1.75m
    Weight 260 gm
    Connectivity Corded
    Actuation Characteristics Soft contact




    12 Months

    $115.95 (inc GST)