Cherry Compact Keyboard - Corded

  • Cherry Compact Keyboard - Corded 22CCKBL

    Do you have limited desk space at your workstation? If so, the Cherry Compact Keyboard could be just what you need.

    Extremely lightweight and durable, the Cherry Compact can handle the most rigorous work environments.  Each key has a life cycle of more than 20 million keystrokes which makes the Cherry Compact one of the most durable ergonomic keyboards around.


    Cherry Compact Keyboard

    The Cherry Compact Keyboard is a reduced size QWERTY layout while also providing maximum space required for efficient data entry.

    Dont let 'compact' be misleading,  You still have all the key features included on a normal keyboard.  The function key makes it possible to have access to keys with multiple characters.

    The keyboard operates on a USB connection and can be used on Windows and Mac systems.


    • Corded USB connection
    • Weighs only 400gms
    • Designed for continuous usage - over 20 million confirmations per key 
    • Complete functions of a standard keyboard 
    • Can be used with the standard drivers of the operating system
    • Comfortably suits use with Slimline PC or Laptop
    • OPTIONAL:  Add Cherry Numeric Corded Keypad


    Cherry Compact Keyboard


    Dimensions 282mm long x 132mm wide x 26mm deep
    Weight 400gm
    Cable Length 1.75m
    Key Action Mechanical
    Manufacturer Code G84-4100




    12 months

    $185.95 (inc GST)