7 Flex Wing Dual Monitor Arm

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    7 Flex Wing Dual Monitor Arm 67FXWING

    7 Flex Wing Dual Monitor Arm saves valuable desk space by mounting two monitors to a single monitor arm.

    With the 7 Flex Wing you can position two monitors on an adjustable wing-bracket, either side-by-side, or one above the other.

    7 Flex Dual Monitor Arm

    Suspend two monitors in a singles monitor arm with the use of the 7 Flex Wing bracket. The wing-bracket allows individual adjustment of the monitors, and also allows rotation.

    Monitors can pivot independently for landscape or portrait viewing all while incorporating cable management, to keep your workspace clean and organized.

    A quick install / quick release mechanism instantly and securely snaps the monitors into position.


    • Neutrally buoyant
    • Gas strut support
    • Cast aluminum construction
    • Dual monitor wing bracket
    • Effortless adjustment of screens
    • Cable management
    • G-clamp or bolt-though mounting option


    7-Flex Wing Dual Brochure

    7-Flex Range Brochure


    Number of monitors supported 2
    Weight Range 1.6 to 5.9 kg per monitor 
    Screen Mounts 75 mm & 100 mm VESA




    10 Year

    $200.00 (inc GST)
    1 only - ex show room clearance