3M Privacy Filter for Widescreen Desktop LCD Monitor

  • 3M Privacy Filter for Widescreen Desktop LCD Monitor 3MPF

    Do you work with sensitive material? Or do you have a coworker who always seems to be investigating your computer screen? Perhaps you just enjoy privacy.

    Whatever the case is, a desktop privacy filter can help keep out any unwanted attention on your computer screen.


    3M Privacy Filter for Widescreen Desktop LCD Monitor

    The clever design of the 3M Privacy Filter means that your screen can only be viewed from a front on angle. If someone attempts to look at your screen from the side or any other angle, the screen will darken.

    This lightweight design is hardly even noticeable. Not only does this help keep your computer files private, but it also protects your screen from dirt and scratches.

    To clean the screen all you need to do is gently wipe over with a soft cloth and water.

    If you are unsure of the size you need, please contact Ergolink.



    • Anti-glare
    • Anti-reflective
    • Keeps personal information private
    • Lightweight, thin, frameless design
    • Protects from dirt


    Anti-Glare Yes
    Anti-Reflective No
    Orientation Landscape
    Scratch Resistant Yes
    Screen Attachment Attachment strips and slide mount tabs
    Screen Format Widescreen
    Touch Compatibility No
    Filter Dimension 19.0W 408 mm wide x  255 mm high (16:10)
    Filter Dimension 20.1W 434 mm wide x  272 mm high (16:9)
    Filter Dimension 21.5W9 477 mm wide x 268 mm high (16:9)
    Filter Dimension 21.6W 464 mm wide x 290 mm high (16:10)
    Filter Dimension 22.0W 474 mm wide x 297 mm high (16:10)
    Filter Dimension 23.0W9 510 mm wide x 287 mm high (16:9)
    Filter Dimension 24.0W 519 mm wide x 325 mm high (16:10)
    Filter Dimension 27.0W 582 mm wide x 364 mm high (16:10)


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