3M Gel Wrist Rest with Leatherette Cover

  • 3M Gel Wrist Rest with Leatherette Cover 61G

    Do you spend hours typing at your keyboard? It doesn’t take long for your wrists to begin aching from resting on the sharp corners of the desk or keyboard.

    Your comfort can quickly improve by using the 3M Gel Wrist Rest with Leatherette Cover.

    Long Description:

    The 3M Gel Wrist support finds a nice balance between a support that is firm enough to provide support, and soft enough to provide increased comfort.

    The support is designed with strong materials that make the device guaranteed not to leak or puncture under normal computer use.

    The black leatherette cover incorporates antimicrobial properties which protects the product from bacteria growing on the surface. This also protects the wrist support from stains, odors and other product damage.


    • 3M gel technology for increased comfort
    • Leatherette cover with antimicrobial protection


    Dimensions 482 mm wide x 71 mm deep x 19 mm high



    $44.95 (inc GST)